Front-End Developer & UI/UX Designer
Minimalist - Less is more.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, Materialize and PHP.

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Front-End Developer

I can develop your product from visual concept to fully functional website.


Corporate Websites & UI/UX

Completely new design? I’ll unite products and users, design and experiences.
Web Optimization

Web Optimization

Your website lacks speed? Not semantically correct? I can optimize your website to A grade speed.

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Alexander Georgiev


I am Alex from Bulgaria and computers have been always an indispensable part of my life. If I have to enlist things I am passionate about, that would be web developing and photography. Immersing myself into front-end and UI/UX design came as a natural follow-up to my passions.

My hobbies include sports, healthy living and music.

As a developer and designer, I strive for simplicity and elegance. Minimalist - "Less is More". My strongest skills are understanding my clients' needs and successfully communicating with them.


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